Clone 169, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, of course.

About Jack Kennedy

Jack loves the winemaking memories almost as much as drinking the wine. As a busy financial planning professional and business owner, Jack started making wine in 2003 as a way to relax and enjoy his free time. He quickly learned that making wine in the basement of your home is messy and it’s not quite as easy as you would think! He became a student at Gino’s School of Wine, and that’s where his winemaking dream began …

Jack purchased The School of Wine in 2016 establishing the mission to seek the best grapes on the planet to make the highest quality wine for consumer consumption, conversation and collaboration.

What sparked your interest in winemaking?

I made my first carboy of wine in my basement. The process of nurturing grapes through fermentation to the finished bottled wine was the beginning of my passion and fascination with wine.

Tell us about your favorite winemaking memory?

My favorite memory is watching three generations – father, son and grandson, make wine together at Kennedy Cellars. I could feel the legacy being crafted and created as I watched. I could envision the family table centerpiece being the handcrafted wine – created and bottled by three generations with great passion and enthusiasm.

If you had to choose one favorite varietal, which one would it be?

South African Pinotage and Chambourcin are my two favorite red wines when done right. They are exceptional unsung heroes of their peers.