Great Wine Begins with Great Vineyards

South America

Our first stop takes us down to South America, where we visit the warm, flat region of the Central Valley in Chile.

Our first wine to taste is Pinot Grigio. The Pacific Ocean has a cooling influence on the vineyards, which helps the Pinot Grigio grapes retain acidity and purity of their fruit characteristics. Our Pinot Grigio is made in a crisp, clean refreshing style, with prominent fruit flavors of lemon and baked green apple.

Our next and final wine in this flight is our Chardonnay. Also grown in the Central Valley of Chile, these grapes ripen easily on the warm valley floor and produce a wine with intense fruit flavors. Our Chardonnay is aged in new American Oak barrels, which adds creamy vanilla undertones to the rich pineapple and mango notes.

South Africa

The wine-friendly terrain and climate of the Western Cape is renowned as an incredible wine-growing region. Here, the intense heat is balanced by a mountainous landscape and the moderating influences of the Southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans, depending on the location of the vineyards. Also, an intense wind known as the Cape Doctor brings cool air from the oceans further inland, which not only cools the vineyards, but also cuts down on pests and disease.

Our wines from this region include: Shiraz, Cape Blend, Sweet Pinotage, Pinotage, White Pinotage and Rose of Pinotage.

United States

Vineyards in California experience nearly 365 days of sunlight. From the mountains to the valley floors, dense fog and ocean influences provide a cool and grape-friendly climate. Many of our grapes are brought in from vineyards in the Lodi AVA (American Viticultural Area). The grapes we source from Lodi typically arrive at our winery earlier in the harvest season than our grapes from the more mountainous and cooler regions of Napa and Sonoma.

Our wines from this region include: Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Clone 169, Winemaker’s Select Red, Pinot Grigio, Fire Sale, Strawberry & Blueberry.

At Kennedy Cellars, we’re committed to bringing the world’s greatest and most revered grapes to our region. Through our partnerships with premier vineyards around the world, we’re able to successfully fulfill our mission to deliver an unparalleled wine experience.

We work hand-in-hand with our importer to discover and select the best grapes in the best vintages for a pure and balanced expression of evolutionary wine. Owner, Jack Kennedy, and our team of experienced winemakers travel to vineyards in South America, South Africa and California to meet the viticulturalists where we directly source our grapes. We continue to explore new vineyard sites and build lasting relationships with wine growers in order to develop a truly personalized wine experience.