Benvenuti a Spiaggetta, since 2012. With 35 years of experience in the finest restaurants of Philadelphia’s Main Line, Marco Tarantino and his kitchen “brigata” are excited to present Spiaggetta to you and your families.

“Vivian” House Select White

Origin: California
Tasting Notes: Flavors of delicate sweet pineapple, white grape, fresh green apple, mango and lemon
Pairing Suggestions: Burrata, Branzino

“Caput Mudi” Bordeaux Style Blend

Origin: Lodi, California
Tasting Notes: A seamless blend of 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot and 33% Cabernet Franc. Wonderfully fruit forward and smooth!
Pairing Suggestions: Antipasto Board, Norcina

Pinotage Reserve

Origin: Breedekloof, South Africa
Tasting Notes: Smokey notes of cherry, tangerine and wild blueberry with soft tannins and fresh acidity
Pairing Suggestions: Rolatini, Limoncello

Clone 169, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Origin: Suisun Valley, California
Tasting Notes: Rich flavors of ripe cherry and fig with layers of vanilla, toast and violets – the tannins provide a long, balanced finish
Pairing Suggestions: Meatballs, Bolognese

Sweet P

Origin: Breedekloof, South Africa
Tasting Notes: Warm smokiness balanced by delicate sweetness with notes of dried orange peel, cinnamon, stewed cherry and cranberry along with fresh fig
Pairing Suggestions: Your favorite dessert

Receive a 15% discount when you purchase a full case of a single varietal.

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