Featured Partner: Santucci’s

Partner Spotlight: Santucci’s Original Square Pizza

Each month, our team chooses one of our partners to feature. In November, our partner spotlight focuses on one of South Jersey’s favorite pizza joints: Santucci’s!

What was once a small pizzeria in Northeast Philadelphia has become a regional indulgence, best known for their signature ‘sauce on top’ pizza. They’ve since altered their menu to include other offerings as well, including appetizers, pastas, entrees and desserts.

Our teams have worked very closely together to craft the perfect wines to pair with their delicious Italian fare. You can currently find them in the Santucci’s Wildwood, Ventnor and Washington Township, NJ locations – and in the future, their North Broad, PA location. Their house red, called ‘Casa Rosso‘ is a seamless blend of 33% Cabernet Sauvignon 33% Merlot and 33% Cabernet Franc – It’s wonderfully fruit forward and smooth. Their house white, called ‘Casa Bianco‘ features flavors of delicate sweet pineapple, white grape, fresh green apple, mango and lemon.


Our team decided to check-in and interview their various team members about their experience with our wines. Their responses are below:
What is your favorite house wine – Casa Bianco or Casa Rosso?
Wildwood: Jimmy, Casa Rosso; Erica, Casa Bianco 
Washington Township: Casa Rosso 
Ventnor: Casa Rosso
North Broad: Casa Rosso 
What feedback have you gotten on our wines from customers? Is there a clear customer favorite wine?
Wildwood: We’ve definitely sold more of the Rosso at our location, so I think that’s more of the crowd favorite. 
Washington Township: As we’ve just started sales of Kennedy Cellars we haven’t heard much feedback from customers, however, our sales for Casa Rosso are much higher compared to the Bianco. 
Ventnor: In regards to feedback, the Rosso is well received at this location opposed to the Bianco.
North Broad: We currently are not selling at North Broad, but when we announced our initial partnership with Kennedy Cellars it immediately sparked interest. We look forward to being able to sell in the future as we think it would go over extremely well with our local audience. 
What is your favorite menu item and wine pairing?
  • Jimmy: I think the Rosso goes best with our Antipasto Board, Granny Smith Apple Salad, and our Margherita Pie.
  • Erica: I think the Bianco goes best with our Orrechiette and the Chicken & Roasted Red Pepper Flatbread.
Washington Township: We think the Casa Rosso wine pairs best with our Pizzas and Strombolis. As we work to expand our menu we hope to see more pairings with both the Rosso and Bianco. 
Ventnor: We love the pairings with our Signature and Speciality Pizzas.
North Broad: When it comes to our Marketing Director, who works out of North Broad, he believes the Casa Rosso pairs best with our pizza and pasta dishes, while the Casa Bianco pairs best with light fare menu items.
Our newest partner event, Sip & Square, is getting pretty popular – can you explain what this event is about and what the experience is like?

We are excited to have had the opportunity to launch and host our first Sip and Square at our Ventnor location this past summer. At this event, you have the opportunity to pair our house specialities with balanced wine pairings. Depending on the availability of the wine, we aim to do 6-7 tastings, and then follow with wine specials at our bar, or reduce priced bottles at our BYOB locations. This event is perfect for a night out with friends, or even a small family get together. The ticket prices range depending on the pairing combinations, and we are open to make accommodations for any/all dietary restrictions.

We are looking to host our next Sip and Square at our Washington Township location during the Fall/Winter, however we will be back to the shore points when it gets nearer so Spring and Summer! 

Thank you to Santucci’s for being an excellent partner of Kennedy Cellars!


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