Featured Partner: BrewxBread

Partner Spotlight: Brew X Bread

Each month, our team chooses one of our partners to feature. In August, our partner spotlight focuses on one of Mullica Hill’s newest hotspots: Brew X Bread

It’s a coffeehouse and wine tasting room located in the heart of Mullica Hill, with a Chef curated menu to delight your tastebuds. They proudly offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, breads and sweets to fit any palate at any time of the day – Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Most importantly, Brew X Bread serves as the Mullica Hill tasting room for Kennedy Cellars, offering 13 reds and 4 whites, including their signature ‘Mullikka’ red table wine.

Our team decided to check-in and interview their Wine Manager/Server and Sommelier, Jessica Waller. Her responses are below:
What is your favorite Kennedy Cellars wine?
Oh gosh…picking a favorite wine will always be tricky for me because I love wine so much! I don’t like to leave anyone out! With that in mind though, right now I am loving Couer d’Est for a light and juicy summer red because it’s perfect for outdoor sipping and all your summertime gatherings. It’s what I would call a happy wine for sure! I also think the Pinotage Reserve is really lovely, and it’s a great wine to have at dinner with friends and family.
What feedback have you gotten on our wines from customers? Is there a clear customer favorite wine?
Everyone is loving the wine! It’s been so fun talking with people about wine at Brew x Bread, and I truly value the opportunity to help people find the right wine for them or suggest a wine that pairs well with their meal. I love chatting about wine of course, and all the wines receive awesome feedback from our guests! While I have heard wonderful things about each wine we offer at Brew x Bread, a frequent customer favorite is definitely Mullikka, our special house red…and rightfully so, it’s great! 
What is your favorite menu item and wine pairing?  
Great question! You really can’t go wrong by pairing either the Sauvignon Blanc or the Aloha with the flavor and spice of our Bang Bang Cauliflower. I also think our Brew Board, a charcuterie-style board and fan favorite, pairs amazingly well with the Cabernet Sauvignon or Couer d’Est.
Thank you to Brew X Bread for being an excellent partner of Kennedy Cellars!


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